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Bio Sculpture Hands

Bio Sculpture Gel is a super permanent colour gel curing under LED light, leacing nails strong and flexible. The high glossy finish (lasting up to three weeks) toughens and conditions your natural nails whilst the flexible gel coating moves with the nail protecting and allowing nails to grow and strengthen without breaking. No primers or bonders are required before application so there is no dehydration of the nail. A long wearing, chip-proof gel that is soaked of easily with no damage to the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong.

Nail extensions using the sculpture forms look and feel just like real nails. They’re light, thinner and do not show any signs of artificial enhancement.


Shallec & Gelish Nails

A revolutionary soak-off gel polish that offers a longer lasting manicure with total protection for your nails unlike previous gels. It’s quick, easy and dries in seconds. Smudge and chip resistant giving active women the freedom to literally work hard and play hard whilst keeping their nails looking their best.

Facial treatments


Loss of tone and elasticity is inevitable as we grow older. Using micro-current therapy to plump, firm and tone, the award-winning, non-invasive CACI treatment gently manipulates and re-educates the face’s 32 muscles, helping to improve fine lines and wrinkles and bringing plumpness and improved tone back to the skin.


This innovative treatment uses the CACI Ultimate machine to tone muscles, smooth away fine lines and prevent sagging skin. Using a combination of micro-currents, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy, this unique technology works in harmony with your body’s own bio electrical field. Tiny electrical impulses and signals are transmitted to gently tighten and tone the facial muscles while encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. ULTIMATE ANTI-AGEING FACIAL

To help combat the signs of ageing, this wonderful treatment uses microdermabrasion and micro-currents to firm, tone and drain. A collagen-rich mask delivers hydration where the skin needs it most.

Caci Non Surgical Face Lift

Caci face lift (60 mins) – £55.00

Caci Ultimate Face Lift 90mins – £80.00

Caci Jaw Lift 30 mins – £30.00

Caci Lip Plumping 20 mins – £20.00

Caci Deluxe Microdermabrasion 50 mins – £55.00


Caci Non Surgical face lift with hydratone Mask – £65.00

Caci Eye Lift 30 mins – £30.00

Caci Wrinkle Revolution 30 min – £30.00

Caci Hydrotone Mask 30 mins – £30.00

Caci Microdermabrasion with LED Light Therapy 50 mins – £55.00

What is CooLifting?

It is revolutionary registered system that performs a radical facial treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method.

The Facts

  • The treatment is completely painless
  • The process uses a powerful CO2 flow and the active atomised Hyaluronic serum at a very low temperature and high pressure – As a result of this it induces collagen and elastin formation
How does it work?

Coo Lift is a revolutionary method which uses a powerful spray of carbon dioxide at a very low temperature and at a high pressure, and atomised Coo Lifting actives, resulting in younger, tighter skin.

The process of using Cryotherapy (cold therapy) causes vasoconstriction (reduction of blood vessels). In this way, we bring the supply of oxygen to the cells and stimulate collagen and elastin formation, which are both responsible for a beautiful skin.

The combination of cold and high pressure applied on the dermis causes an intense penetration of the Coo Lifting actives and an increase of their effects.

How many sessions do I need?

Coo Lifting, in a single 20-minute session will improve the appearance and smoothen the texture of your skin. The intervals between sessions will be personally advised by your skincare specialist.

How does it feel?

The procedure is painless. The application of the active ingredient, pressure and temperature are automatically controlled and the process does not cause any discomfort. No special care is required after the session.

The Coo Lifting Gun treatment generates a double effect. It’s an ideal treatment for any skin condition, suitable for both – women and men of any age.

The recommended frequency of treatments is once a week, which works best as a package of six to get the full benefits. The intervals between sessions will be personally advised by your skincare specialist. After completing a six week package, we recommend one treatment once a month thereafter, to continue with the skin’s improvement.

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